Thursday, February 26, 2015

DPS article on Feb 26 Re: Schools staying open

February 25, 2015

Schools to Remain Open on Thursday, Feb. 26; Cold and Snowy Conditions Expected

Cold and snowy conditions are expected to continue throughout the morning of Feb. 26, so please dress students warmly! While we expect to open schools tomorrow, we will review conditions through the night and in the early morning hours to see if a change is necessary. Denver Public Schools (DPS) bus crews will report early to help reduce any delays as a result of winter weather conditions. Bus route delays can be found at Any additional school updates will be posted here.

How decisions are made during winter weather conditions

The decision whether to close our schools is based on information provided by representatives from transportation agencies, the weather bureau, city and county law enforcement and DPS Transportation.

We know how important these decisions are and we take them very seriously. The most important factor is the well-being of our students and their families. The unpredictability of the current weather pattern poses an extra challenge in making the best decision.

Whenever possible, DPS tries to keep schools open to serve our students and families. Many working parents who are on moderate incomes have few to no child-care options, don’t get paid days off from their jobs, and therefore face a huge burden when schools are closed and their employer remains open. Denver schools serve tens of thousands of children who come from low-income households. Schools are not only vital places of learning for those students, but they are also in many cases the only place where these students get two free hot meals a day, health care, counseling and support services.

Schools Open During Inclement Weather: The required transportation will be provided. However, services may be modified to ensure both driver and student safety and welfare. Traffic conditions are very likely to require students to spend additional time en route to school, special activities, programs or home. Buses are also likely to be delayed due to the inclement weather and traffic. This information will be posted to the Transportation hotline 720.423.4600 and at

View Winter Weather FAQs and important Transportation information

If school is cancelled, the information will be communicated in the following ways:

  • Emergency school closures are posted on www.dpsk12.orgimmediately.
  • The Communications Office will immediately notify local television and radio stations, which will broadcast regular announcements of school closures. You can also visit the and Notifications in Spanish will be made on radio newscasts on 1150 AM, 1280 AM and 1090 AM.
  • Announcements to close or delay school will also be posted to the district‘s Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • A message denoting the closure will also be left on the school district’s closure hotline at 720.423.3200, as well on the DPS Transportation hotline at 720.423.4600.
  • DPS employees should check their e-mails regularly.
  • DPS transportation employees will be notified by Bus Bulletinvia call, text or email.

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