Thursday, February 26, 2015

Decisions by Denver Public Schools

It looks like the word is getting out, even 9 News is reporting that DPS will be closed today. I'm hoping my original tweet helped make a difference today.

This section :
Whenever possible, DPS tries to keep schools open to serve our students and families. Many working parents who are on moderate incomes have few to no child-care options, don’t get paid days off from their jobs, and therefore face a huge burden when schools are closed and their employer remains open. Denver schools serve tens of thousands of children who come from low-income households. Schools are not only vital places of learning for those students, but they are also in many cases the only place where these students get two free hot meals a day, health care, counseling and support services.
is what really set me off. Making a decision about child or student safety, based upon a parents possible work or income situation, should be left out of the calculations for schools to remain open during inclement weather.

Schools are for learning and sometimes the weather says; Learn to make better decisions about your safety.

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