Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ride Notes

I can handle the cold... I'd ride at zero with the right gear on.  It's the wind that sucks.  It felt like I was riding backwards at points in my ride today.  Slowest ride to work on the new bike.... Still, I beat the bus in..

75 miles on the Odo.  30F on the ride in this am.  5-15mph gusts from the West...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Rides

Saturday was gorgeous. Wind made the ride feel like an uphill battle with an 70lb load. My love of books, the Tattered Cover, was worth it.

Sunday was windy and chilly and a trip to the Mercury Cafe for a bday lunch and then the Great Divide for a couple of samplers with a good friend was well worth it.

The wind turned into a nice tailwind home. Thru the park to look at some possible City Park Jazz locations and then home to do a little bicycle therapy.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kickstand hack

Got this idea off the interwebs from and a couple of instructable hacks. 2 pieces of aluminum tube, a steel dowel, a twist nut from a pipe clamp, old shock cord and a plastic end cap. Oh, and a small bungie for the brake until I find one of those thick rubber bands.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ride Notes

33F and another headwind. Gotta love that. I felt like a slug on the trip home.

4 way stops. While I appreciate the gesture, not really, don't wave me thru a stop. It's the law that I have to follow and I would hope that the tank drivers here in Denver would help me and other cyclists by following the same law.

Ride Notes

Snowed yesterday and while I could have ridden I'm not mentally there yet even with the new bike.

28F slight headwind.
Most of the roads were clear and the one spot with a full sheet of ice had me white knuckling the bars at 5mph.  I'm alive and I'm not sure I'll get fully comfortable on ice/snow, it's a start.

Ride Notes

2/22/2012  -- first commute to work on The Sarge
Fast.  The new setup is very quick and nimble.  Shifting is smooth and getting used to trigger shifter v twist took a bit with gloves on.

Ride home was smooth and easy. Going up the hill at 16th and Lincoln was very nice... The new gearing setup and the Alfine hub work well together.