Monday, March 12, 2012

The ROI of riding

Each day I ride my bike to and from work I save money.
The best parking spot I can get, early bird special, is $7.00/day in the building I work in. It's nice if you can get it but the reality is that it's $18/day if I don't get here before 7:00am.

I can only add part of the gas and wear and tear on my truck as a savings because a friend is using it for their commute of about 6 miles round trip a day.  Still with gas at about $3.00 a gallon right now and at about 22mpg in the truck on a good day on the highway, a 4 mile trip saves me about $1 a day.

The Federal numbers give me about 55 cents a day for wear and tear at about $2.25/day (4 x .555) in savings.

$7 + $1 + $2.25 = $10.25 or really about $10/day in savings.

All this means is that my bike pretty much pays for itself in about 160 days of riding...  How many folks can say that about the car they just bought???

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